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Test the knowledge of your audience in a fun and interactive way using a live quiz.

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Creating Quiz with Sendsteps

With Sendsteps you can easily create fun and engaging quizzes.

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    Enter your questions and select the correct answers. Sendsteps allows you to fully customize your quiz according to your needs. You can even combine your quiz with other question types!

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    Your audience can participate in the quizzes using their smartphones. They can send in their answers through the response website or via an SMS without having to sign up or download anything.

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    The results will be displayed on the live screen. You can decide to show the leaders board (top 5 performers) after every question and end with a podium – the top three or the overall winner.

Benefits of using a Quiz

  • Makes learning more fun
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  • Increases engagement
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  • Stimulates healthy competition
  • Quiz templates

    Save yourself some time and discover our pre-made quizzes.

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